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CHORUS ARCHITECTURE and his partners are organizing the sustainability first steppers contest. ARCHI-NOW competition is for the ” best ” thesis in architecture ” personal graduation work “ on themes and issues resilience and innovation in the built environment ” economics, cultural, environmental and energy sustainability “. All eco-approaches and innovative design, contextual or projected solutions are awaited.

In the evolving context of schools and architectural education the wish is to distinguish the excellence of skills that nourish, from concept to project architectural and urban thought, to reward originality, creativity or innovation and above all to encourage research and protection of the environment.


1st Prize - 2nd Prize - 3rd Prize - Special Mentions - Finalists

1st Prize

Team: AN-2014
Project by: Nkapemin Njikam Stéphane.
from Cameroon

2nd Prize

Team: AN-2013
Project by: Guilherme Biondo Milani.
from Brazil

3rd Prize

Team: AN-2016
Project by: Martyna Adamczykt.
from Poland (Polska)

Special Mentions


Team: AN-2012
Project by: Silviya Al Ubedo.
from Russia

Team: AN-2010
Project by: Heong Kheng Boon.
from Singapore


Team: AN-2023
Project by: Michael Baher Soliman Iskander.
from Egypt

Team: AN-201
Project by: Yahia Barkaoui.
from Tunisie


Team: AN-2028
Project by: Pedro Carvalho.
from Brazil

Team: AN-2030
Project by: Khalil Morad El Ghilali.
from Maroc


Team: AN-2019
Project by: Edgar Baden Baden.
from Cameroon


Team: AN-2029
Project by: Ana Luisa Pires Pedreira.
from United States


Team: AN-207
Project by: Ahmed Fikry.
from Egypt

Team: AN-209
Project by: Dana Ibrahim Jordan.
from Jordan

Team: AN-2025
Project by: Heitor Meluso.
from Brazil

Team: AN-206
Project by: Merna Sherif.
from Egypt

Team: AN-2017
Project by: Thais de Matos.
from Brazil

Team: AN-203
Project by: Walid BEN AZAZA.
from Tunisie



Cedrix TSAMBANG (Architect, Chorus Architecture, CAMEROON)

Christolle Tsambang (Architect & craft woman, Chorus Architecture)

Cyrille Moukoko Ndoumbe (Bio Ethic Architect – professor & researcher in sustainable architectural materials – ArBio & partners )

Danielle Khoury Gregorio (Architect, Research Fellow – Holcim Foundation For sustainable construction),

Fabiola Ecot Ayissi (Philologist & Curator, CIPCA)

Hermann Kamté (Architect; Forbes Africa, HKA)

Hermine Nguetse (Architect & transport expert- Archi-Mobility)

Leandry Jieutsa (Urban planner- AIN)

Leonardo Dias (Architect, Base collaborativa, Brazil)

Manuel Fournier (Architect, international consultant, FRANCE)

Martin Pretorius ( Architect, designer artist – Workshop and machine)

Mipo Edith Flore (Architect, lecturer & Social entrepreneur - FENDA)

Mojtaba Naghizadeh (Architect and researcher, EV Design School, IRAN)

Nabila Pronato (Architect, artist & designer – WOHA Architects)

Kaouthar Jedda (Architect & specialist, BIM Africa)

Samer El Sayary (International Award winning Architect, & assistant professor of architecture – University of Alexandria)


CIPCA (Centre International pour le Patrimoine Culturel et Artistique) is established as an associative art center. It brings together cultural actors, researchers, creators, and people interested in the preservation and enhancement of heritage (visual arts and oral culture). The initiative was born from the desire to contribute to energizing, through artistic activities, the approach to cultural heritage in Africa, whether tangible or intangible, and to share this ambition with as many people as possible. The CIPCA supports contemporary creation and offers reflection on ancient and current art, archives and the promotion of local languages.

The Center welcomes the public and professionals in a space including an art gallery, a documentation space (books and digital archives). It also welcomes artists in creative residency

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