Chorus Architecture

Resilience post carbon built environnement

The world is deeply affected by the global pandemic of the corona virus. In addition to the threat to public health, economic and social upheaval threatens the livelihoods and long-term well-being of millions of people.

Covid furniture by Leonardo Diaz

COVID-19 has had many consequences. Among them, we find issues related to housing and the organization of space. Lessons learned from this health crisis should be drawn to rethink the built environment of tomorrow.

This is why chorus architecture and partners pleads for new housing, more concerned with the art of living. Not just because of confinement or for sanitary measures, but in regard of sustainability while preparing for future treats.

Places of life must be standardized and open to complexity, focused on people and their relationship with the environment. A post-carbon world must be possible in each intervention knowing that the construction sector represents a third of carbon emissions and that technology is shifting the way of interactive in cities indoor and outdoor.

Architects have a real role to play, hence the theme chosen for this 4th edition of our annual conference archi talk is: post covid resilience of the built space.