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Archi-talk by chorus architecture is an annual international conference to serve for the exchange between the different actors in and around the act of building. For 6 years now Archi talk has been bringing together professionals from all over the world, expert citizens and institutions to discuss sustainable approaches to the environment. The 7th edition will take place in October 2023.

ARCHI-NOW by Chorus architecture is the best international sustainable architectural competition, which focuses on the evaluation of personal graduation work on themes and issues of resilience and innovation in the built environment.

Lifage is an artistic and cultural awakening project that creates a space for learning and discovery for children. Lifage aims to stimulate their creativity and imagination through different forms of art and culture. The main objective is to allow them to explore different forms of artistic expression and to discover new ways of expressing themselves and the discovery of professions.

I am crowned and you is an art and gender empowerment project for women and young girls: putting art at the service of the emancipation of women, teenage mother and disadvantaged social groups.

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