Chorus Architecture


  • SIZE: 735 m2


Conceiving a preschool is a unique opportunity to propose accessible solutions of planting seeds for a better future.

Our concept is to play with simplicity and materialize social inclusion. Connected by an outdoor circulation system that follows the natural slope.The independent building volumes (can be built in an evolutionary way, step by step). They are arranged in a sequence (mass and void) around an inner courtyard from which inner views are extended. Depending each time of the angle of view, the openings(foldaway) seen from anywhere in the courtyard, gives originality to the constantly changing perception of the environment.

From inside, it gives infinites possibilities for children to imagine new atmosphere for their classrooms. While allowing in case of bad meteorological condition to open completely the classrooms outdoors to make space playful. Natural light treatment is also accentuated by the texture of walls and trellis in CEB. The school an identity, character and personality is readable on the roof shape. Fluid curved lines plunging into the sky at a child’s height contrasting with the rigidity of the volumes. From afar, the different roofs recall the movement of waves, visible all along the Mozambican coast.

Good ventilation, proper and cooling is due to the use of straw ceiling punctuated with small openings that facilitate air movements and provide passive air conditioning.

The site is further refreshed by cross ventilation system and vegetation, trees to improve air quality, lawns and small grasses to free the soil and allow the infiltration of non-channelized water. The cultural anchorage is marked by the use of locally available materials and the opening of the site to community activities, with a wandering around the site and also the multifunctional room that can be open both inside and outside. The functional organization is form in two zones (educational and community), it makes it possible to ensure the safety of the children and to accentuate the use of the site for all types of activities at all times.

The whole project is also a center of implementation and application of sustainability: waste management, renewable energy (solar panels, biogas) and water management system …)

Our proposal challenges educational tools to take advantage of sensitive architecture, designs that brings children, teachers and all other users to a perpetual discovery, developing curiosity again and again.