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CHORUS ARCHITECTURE is a multidisciplinary African platform for research and development in architecture and related fields (art, design, environment, sustainable development…), which reflects on the reappropriation of endogenous intelligence. To change the value system and the factors of perception that force everyone to fixate on a “distant” and ill-tamed ideal when it comes to finding a solution to the daily problem …

Chorus articulates all this around its historicity and reappropriation formula (taking into account the immediate environment, preservation of the ecosystem, and projection of culture).

However, we do not pretend to change the world and mentalities with the wave of magic wants but we want to create a convergence of ideas that would like us to see in what we have the greatness that has not yet been explored.


Being a multidisciplinary platform, Chorus Architecture promotes a conceptual process encompassing all aspects and actors of sustainable development to create a better future. Indeed, whether it is for cultural or economic influence or because of the environmental debt which must be paid by everyone, not just “the main polluters”. Local decision-makers, together with researchers and entrepreneurs must take the measure of the times and quickly seize the opportunity that presents itself: Offer resilient, holy, and eco-responsible spaces.

You can’t just dive into the whole without introspection.

The architect of the 21st century must realize his responsibility. Even more, the one who operates in an African space, where it is still possible to generate concerted development without asking the question of necessity, as the populations are waiting for “change” and if the one so slow to come for lack of consultation.

Facing the 21st-century challenges!

Adaptation to climate change!

Population growth accommodation!

Using the power of design!

Impacting the built environment!

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