Chorus Architecture

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  • Mokolo Green Scarf City

    Fractal-driven design for mathematical precision, cultural resonance, optimized connectivity, adaptive resilience, and aesthetic harmony

  • Cedrix & Christolle TSAMBANG

    Our disruptive expertise is fueled by a relentless passion for innovation and sustainability, driving us to redefine the very fabric of architectural design

  • Talk

    We don’t claim to be changing the world and mentalities with a wave of a magic wand, but we do want to create a convergence of ideas that will lead us to see in what we have a greatness that has not yet been explored

  • Vision

    We are passionate about the development of a post Carbon world, and as an architect and designer, we are interested in the languages of the past, embracing their complexity through simplicity. Our utopia is to gradually leap into the future, where AI would come before mass industry ..!

  • Contest

    The sustainability first steppers contest ARCHI-NOW competition is for the “ best “ thesis in architecture “ personal graduation or academic research work “ on themes and issues related to resilience and innovation in the built environment “ economics, cultural, environmental and energy sustainability ”.


Deeply committed to connecting with the diversity of environments and societies, we adopt a holistic approach that recognizes and celebrates the plurality of places and cultures.


By intertwining historical context and modern aspirations, they cultivate concepts that not only reflect the spirit of the community but also harness the potential of advanced technologies.


An annual international conference designed to encourage exchanges between the various players involved in the act of building. 

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