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Chorus Architecture (CA) is a global multidisciplinary association for Sustainable architecture, design, engineering, urbanism and product design. Founded and led by & Christolle Tsambang.

As a new voice surfing the wave of new paradigms, the dynamic team has put in place an approach that consecrates and questions through the plurality of environments the issues for which it seeks holistic, inclusive, cost-effective and forward-looking solutions.


CA, which envisions a possible post-carbon world, aims to reinvent resilient local models: We build houses, homes, habitats, people and communities. An inspiring and sustainable approach that considers human needs, the community and its facilities, the local economy for smarter, low-cost build and self-manage environment, imitating the natural ecosystems and authentic cultural milieu.


Cédrix and Christolle Tsambang from the passionate couple of young architects, guided by the thirst for discovery and sharing.

“The claim alone is not sufficient, the salvation of the planet is not just a question of gender, but of paradigm…! Ask yourself the right questions … “Be a queen, wear your crown ..!” Christolle Fansi

‘’Architecture is more than a stylistic exercise, is an engagement (…) we see it through shapes and colors, but it is the relationship to life that gives architecture its true value” Cédrix Tsambang

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