Chorus Architecture


Welcome to Chorus Architecture, where every project is a symphony of innovation and sustainability. Founded by the visionary architect couple, Cédrix and Christolle Tsambang, we build house, homes, habitat, people and communities

“Harmonizing Innovation and Sustainability: Building a Symphony of Change”

We believe in AI, and in the ability of architecture to help humanity, especially Africa to achieve sustainability – The aim of our initiative, is to propose rooted Smart, sustainable and productive habitats, and build environments following the methodologies of the green and blue economy…

The future is in a technological leap, where the strategy is not in the mitigation of impacts, because at the dawn of an information and knowledge revolution that we hope will be decentralized, arti­cial intelligence and smart tools, must focus on social and natural intelligence to develop solutions that will adapt to the various contexts that are mindful of sustainability

We are passionate about the development of a post Carbon world, and as an architect and designer, we are interested in the languages of the past, embracing their complexity through simplicity. Our utopia is to gradually leap into the future, where AI would come before mass industry ..

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