Chorus Architecture

Natural selection has rejected almost all the prowess of the industrial revolution from an ecological point of view.

If we only take into account the impact of technological booms on the environment, the dependence on standardization, and on education systems linked to the repetition of systemic know-how, it is time to make a clean-up.

The future is in a technological leap, where the strategy is not in the mitigation of impacts, because at the dawn of an information and knowledge revolution that we hope will be decentralized, artificial intelligence and smart tools, must focus on social and natural intelligence to develop solutions that will adapt to the various contexts that are mindful of sustainability.

We are passionate about the development of a post Carbon world, and as an architect and designer, we are interested in the languages ​​of the past, embracing their complexity through simplicity. Our utopia is to gradually leap into the future, where AI would come before mass industry ..!

If humans do not want to lose their place, they must take the precautions that the dinosaurs did not have the intelligence to take …! adapt by learning from nature.

Some initiatives:

– Archi Talk (annual international conference on resilience),

– Archi Now (context of the first steps in sustainable development),

– Save By Design (online series, featuring incredible designers of the future),

– Share and inspire (present an innovative design solution to inspire).